The Best Employer Among Major Tech Companies

If you want to work in tech, there are five major companies that you might just aspire towards working for. These companies are Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix. While the prospect of working for any of these companies is most definitely going to end up being the kind of thing that would be pretty enticing for the vast majority of people out there, at the same time it is important to note that some of these companies might just be better employers than others and factoring these things into your decision making process is a rather important aspect of this sort of thing at the end of the day.

A professional network by the name of Blind has compiled a ranking of top employers in the tech industry. The ranking of these five companies put Netflix at the top spot. Facebook came in second, followed by Apple and then Google. Amazon ended up at the bottom of the list for a wide variety of reasons which we will be getting a bit deeper into below.

About 67% of Netflix employees that are a part of Blind’s anonymous professional network claimed that they would recommend Netflix as an employer. That’s a massive number, especially when you consider that Facebook, who has taken the second spot in this ranking, had only 42% of its employees saying the same. It is important to note that 42% is still a large number, which should tell you just how massive Netflix’s 67% is as well.

The industry average for professionals that were worried about getting laid off was around 57%. For Apple employees this number was as low as 11%, which indicates that Apple has done a good job of alleviating concerns among its employees and telling them that they would have a job even if the whole industry is seeing massive layoffs. Facebook did pretty well in this category as well, with only about 36% saying that they were afraid of being laid off. 21 percentage points is a huge different when you consider the impact that the pandemic is currently having on our economy.

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