Do you trust everything social media tells you?

On 4th December, Voanews posted a picture on which it was written that some Americans still don’t believe in coronavirus vaccinations. The term ‘Voanews’ stands for the Voice of America. It is a radio and the largest international television network which is run by US agencies. The content is created in 47 languages; before it is sold to its offshoots.

The caption said that Janelle Witten, her husband, and their six-year-old son are the inhabitants of Gastonia, North Carolina. Since the pandemic has taken place, the family has been very conscious about its side effects and has properly followed the rules to prevent themselves from the pandemic. It also put into consideration; the suggestions for caution by organizations like ‘the U.S centers for Disease Control and Prevention.’ However, Jane Witten said that despite her being in the support of vaccines will not take the covid vaccine. She stated that even if the vaccine becomes available, she would prevent using it.

Many people agree with Janelle and are concerned about its side-effects. The Kaiser Family conducted a poll which concluded that 62 percent of American inhabitants were thoughtful of why did the Trump administration pump the Food and Drug (FOD) administration to officially accept it before elections- that the vaccine is harmless.

The US government has already pressurized the vaccine testing organizations to review it as soon as possible.

Additionally, a poll was conducted last week, which concluded that only 14 percent of the African American population believes in the corona vaccine. The percentage was among those who suffered the highest deaths. The disbelievers quoted an example of the 1930s; when the blacks were targeted by the government for its unethical medical experiments on them.

On Wednesday; United States claimed the day as most of the worst death-causing day in the history of the U.S; since the pandemic began. There were no chances of the hospitals becoming less filled because the mortality rate was rising.

The highest death number was recorded on 15th April with 2,752 people passing away- due to covid-19. However, Wednesday’s recorded death rate broke all previous records. On Wednesday, 2,760 deaths took place; which was more than ever.

At the beginning of November; patients being tested positive in hospitals in the US were 50,000. Unfortunately, the number of patients has now been doubled to 100,000.

Covid has already caused deaths to the population all over the globe. Instead of the risk coming to an end; more hype is being built up. People are becoming more insecure and fear that vaccines may do bad to their healths; instead of healing them. I must say: the world is under serious threat!

Chart: Axios

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