Snap Introduces $3.5 Million Grant for Lens Creators and AR

Part of the reason why Snapchat has managed to stay in the game for so long in spite of the fact that this is the case far larger companies like Facebook seemed hell bent on genericizing the various features that made it unique has a lot to do with its new focus on Lenses as well as various forms of AR that have made it an excellent social media platform that has continued to grow at a rate that is pretty impressive all in all.

Snapchat is very supportive of creators that want to develop Lenses and other AR features for its platform, and in order to entice more people to get in on this sort of thing as well as provide more financial incentives for Lens developers to create more often and with higher quality Snap Inc has just announced a fund of 3.5 million dollars that these developers would be able to access.

This was announced as Snapchat’s Lens Fest started out, and it also came with the announcement that Lenses created so far had been used by Snapchat’s users over one trillion times. This is an unreasonably massive number, so much so that most people might not even realize the significance of it although Lens creators certainly will.

It’s very likely the we are going to see a massive number of new lenses being made on a regular basis since this fund as well as the success of previous lenses has made it clear that doing so would be a very profitable thing for a lot of independent developers to consider working on. It also shows that Snapchat is leaning heavily into AR and Lenses and while it is definitely focused on its social media platform it is slowly turning into a different kind of tech company as well.

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