TikTok launches several initiatives for the SMBs and Black-owned businesses to help them recover from the economical crunch due to the pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world at the beginning of this year, it paused the entire world operations which resulted in a major financial crash. Many large businesses and established organizations suffered huge losses, but small and medium-sized businesses faced major blows in various regions of the world. In the US, it was noted that the small and medium-sized businesses owned by Black people suffered more losses amidst the pandemic.

Now, there is an active campaign going on that advocates that #BlackLivesMatter, and on the other hand, Black businessmen are facing irreversible losses with their SMBs. In such trying times, TikTok has come forward to help these people with its recently launched online hub. This online hub is a part of different initiatives that TikTok has announced to help Black owners of SMBs to recover from their losses during the pandemic.

First, let us discuss what this online hub will do exactly. According to TikTok, this online hub will provide opportunities for Black business owners to learn about maximizing their sales through various means. TikTok says that as much as they are excited to empower their Black community members, they will make sure to bring in fresh, creative methods to help them recuperate from the economic damages they faced because of the pandemic. This online hub will let the Black business owners access the links to different initiatives that can help them amplify their sales and promote their products.

Recently, TikTok also partnered with Shopify to help online merchants use TikTok’s platform to advertise their products and services. Now, from 10th November onwards till 15th, TikTok and Shopify are conducting a joint campaign called the #ShopBlack campaign. All the Black business owners and merchants will get an opportunity to use this campaign to showcase their businesses, products, and services by making creative videos or by sharing their stories with the world through TikTok’s platform.

As per TikTok, over 40 Black merchants from Shopify in the US and Canada will get a chance to be featured on the Support Black Businesses website, which is again, a joint venture of TikTok and Shopify.

Now, these are some amazing opportunities that can help Black business owners get back on their feet and cover the economic gap that they faced due to the devastating pandemic. Facebook is also starting some initiatives to support Black business owners across its app and Instagram.

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