TikTok has added 2 new features, including ‘Trending’ stickers and an option to use the sound from the last viewed video

Matt Navarra, our go-to tipster who is a social media consultant and commentator has recently posted a tweet about some new features that TikTok has added.

First off, TikTok is enabling its users to use the sound from the last viewed video now. TikTok Sounds are actually the backbone of TikTok, as the videos are dependent on catchy sounds that make the videos popular amongst the audiences. These sounds may be trending songs, or they may be the artist’s ‘Original’ sound too. Many brands that use TikTok as their advertisement platform use original sounds to gain the attention of their potential and target audience.

Now, when a specific sound becomes popular on TikTok, users and TikTok artists may get the option to use those same sounds or songs in their videos too. So, repeating or using a sound from the Sound Library is not difficult. But when a user chooses a specific sound for their video which highlights the individuality of their content, they can now re-use the same sound or audio in their other videos if they want to, or if their last viewed video’s sound resonates with their individual content, they can use it in their video too, as per Navarra’s latest tweet.

Whether this feature will have any other implications and uses, that can only be judged if you use the feature yourself.

Another update that Navarra has posted about is the new ‘Trending’ Stickers option that TikTok seems to have recently added. As the name suggests, this feature will let the users scroll through the most used, most popular stickers that are now going to be placed in the new ‘Trending’ category.

Both these new additions in TikTok seem to be pointing towards the platform’s wish to make things easier for its millions of users. Now, users will not have to go through the hassle of sound selection and they can easily re-use the sound of their previous video, and they will also not have to go through various types and categories of stickers to choose their favorites.

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