Raspberry Pi 400 is literally a computer compacted in a keyboard, and it is available at a meagre price of 70 dollars

Raspberry Pi is basically a series of single-board computers that are developed by a charity foundation in the UK called the Raspberry Pi foundation. These Raspberry Pi projects come with special kits that let the users build them into extremely adaptable minicomputers. They can be built into a digital camera, an iMac, or even an ad-blocking system with the right kit. These projects were initially developed for children to learn all about basic computing processes and to teach them about computer programming, coding, etc. But now, even adults use it because of their amazing functionality and their miniature, easy-to-carry sizes.

Most of these Raspberry Pi projects come with a mouse and a keyboard, and, the Raspberry Pi foundation’s latest released model, Raspberry Pi 400 is a complete package. It is a personal computer compacted in a keyboard and is built on the technology of Raspberry Pi 4. It has the same processor that is quite strong and sturdy, and it has specially designed thermals to keep the computers from overheating and to help them remain cool and silent while the users are using them for their work.

Raspberry Pi 400 features a quad-core 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, and wireless networking. It has a dual-display output with two HDMI micro ports that support 4K video playback. It also features a 40-pin GPIO header, which makes the computer completely accessible for users to connect other components and try to build prototypes of their projects if they want to explore beyond their desktops.

The kit of Raspberry Pi 400 includes a keyboard, power supply, a micro HDMI cable to a standard HDMI cable, and an SD card which is preloaded with Raspberry Pi Operating System. The official Raspberry Pi beginner’s guide also comes along. This is to help the users understand their Raspberry Pi 400 computers without any difficulty.

The keyboards come with the US and UK English variants, but Raspberry Pi 400 keyboards also come in to support letters in languages like Spanish, German, French, Italian, and a lot more to come in the future.

In short, as described by the company, this is a powerful, easy-to-handle, and easier-to-use computer built into a compact, portable keyboard. It can let the users easily browse through the web, create documents, and edit them as needed. Users can watch videos on it and above all, they can learn computer programming on this brilliant miniature computer.

Currently, it is on sale and its price is beginning at $70! This is a remarkable price for a remarkable product for sure.

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