TikTok extends its donation tools and adds a new listing option for non-profit organizations in the profile settings

TikTok has been engaged with philanthropic causes for a while now. Sometime back, the app added ‘Donation’ stickers to raise awareness amongst users and to urge them to donate for different causes through their videos. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world economy is not a secret. Many small and medium-sized organizations suffered major financial losses. TikTok was one of the few social media platforms that introduced donation tools and features that users can use to raise funds for people in need. As an extension of this good, philanthropic cause, TikTok has reportedly added a new listing option that allows users to add a nonprofit to their profiles.

The famous social media analyst and commentator, Matt Navarra has recently shared some screenshots. According to him, when a user opens their Profile settings, under the options of Name, Username, and Bio, now there is a new listing, ‘Nonprofit.’ When a user taps on this option, they are presented with a list of approved organizations for charity. Users can add any of those organizations to their profile and it will be displayed along with their basic information. They can even add a short note to urge people to donate to the organization or for a specific cause that the organization is working on.

When one of the followers will tap on the nonprofit listing displayed on a user’s profile, they will be taken to a page that will show how much money has the user raised so far. They will see a ‘Donate’ button there to prompt them to donate directly through the app if they wish to.

Tiltify is a charitable platform that raises funds and processes the donation transaction securely within an app. All donations and funds raised via TikTok’s nonprofit listing and other donation tools will be processed through Tiltify too in the back end. That is why the app is giving a list of approved charity organizations for the users to choose from.

The Donation stickers and this new listing option are available in selected regions as of now.

TikTok has been going through a tumultuous state of affairs itself. Although it is one of the most popular apps in the world, it seems to be a great attraction for controversy and bans after Facebook too! Currently, the app is banned in India due to political tensions between India and China. Donald Trump’s government was also pushing the app to sell off its US operations to investors from the US only as they saw the app to be a threat to national security. So, amidst all this chaos, it is good to see that TikTok is not losing its footing and its penchant for good deeds too for the benefit of communities.

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