Facebook To Make Oculus A Viable Work Platform With Much More Exciting Updates In The New Year

New year is coming up with exciting new features in the Oculus Browser as the product manager, John Carmack has made some interesting revelations on Twitter while also stating that Facebook is very much serious about making the platform viable for working.

The news broke out when John responded to a Twitter user who had Wolfenstein 3D running on an Oculus Browser with the help of DOS emulator on a Quest.

However, this is not the only update we know of. There have also been speculations about Infinite Office coming to Quest 2 which will serve to be more of an extension to the Oculus browser. If reports are to be true then it will offer adjustable passthrough and Logitech wireless keyboard integration as well.

While this feature is expected to release this fall, Carmack’s current comment on the timing of the updates may just also be hinting towards the fact that Infinite Office can get delayed till the start of 2021.

Nevertheless, the good thing is that Infinite Office won’t be the only update as John has shed some light on much more to come - which is currently going through the development phase.

Prior to the tweet, Carmack also expressed his embarrassment on Facebook’s social VR offering on Quest over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic at Facebook Connect. But now with the current comments, it seems like Carmack himself has worked hard on it and there would indeed be something special coming up to improve the social and remove work features on Quest in times to come.

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