TikTok seems to be working on several new additions including a ‘Mutual’ tab and some Search Filters

Alessandro Paluzzi, has recently posted some new updates regarding TikTok on Twitter. As per his tweets, TikTok is testing several new features.

The first tweet that he has shared tells that TikTok seems to be working on Search filters. The screenshot that he has shared with this tweet shows that when a user opens up the tab of ‘Filters’ on TikTok, they can improvise their search by applying several filters. These filters can show them the posts from ‘All-time,’ ‘Previous day,’ ‘Past week,’ ‘Past month,’ ‘Past three months,’ and ‘Past six months.’

So, if a user saw an interesting video or post by a specific person some months ago, but they do not remember the exact month, they do not have to go through all their posts one by one. What they can do is to apply the ‘Past six months’ filter and skim through all the selected and filtered posts. Similarly, they can apply any other filter to narrow down their search and make it more relevant and on point.

The second tweet that Alessandro Paluzzi shared suggests that TikTok is working on a ‘Mutual’ tab to show the users their mutual connections with other people. This feature is exactly how Facebook’s ‘Mutual friends’ works, and it lets users know about their common connections and friends. This feature helps in maximizing user engagement and lets people connect with each other, discover like-minded people over these social media networks, and let them enjoy content on the grounds of mutual interests and likenesses.

Some users said under these tweets that TikTok seems to be trying to copy the user interface of Instagram. On the other hand, some people pointed out that it is Instagram and Facebook that have copied the app with Instagram’s ‘Reels,’ instead of vice versa.

Well, whoever has copied whom, regardless of that, the point to remember is that both these features are going to be great additions to TikTok, and its users will definitely appreciate them.

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