A button for ‘Shopping’ is coming on WhatsApp for Business Accounts in the place of the existing Voice Call button

Back in November 2019, WhatsApp had introduced the catalog feature to WhatsApp Business accounts. It was a way to let small and medium-sized businesses showcase their products through their Business accounts. But to access these catalogs, users had to skim through the profiles to see which businesses have set up their catalogs and which have not. Now, WhatsApp is bringing an easier way to access these catalogs for shopping. A new button is going to be added soon in the place of the existing voice call button on the chat screen. There is going to be a revamped Call button adjacent to this Shopping button.

Now, this Shopping button can be directly accessed, and catalogs can easily be viewed. But if someone wants to access the business catalogs from their business profiles only, they can still do so.

This feature was spotted a while ago on WhatsApp Beta version for Android, but now WhatsApp is rolling it out for both Android and iOS at a global level.

This button will be present in the chat screens of Business accounts only. So, it is not going to come in view when you are having a personal chat with one of your friends or family.

But for businesses, it is going to add a lot of ease for the customers. Since it will be more accessible for them to look at the products and services of a business account, the shopping experience will be more efficient than before too. It is going to be great for businesses also as they will have more chances of sales and promotions via their WhatsApp Business accounts.

Viewing business catalogs through profiles is already quite common, but this new Shopping button will further expand the business adoption of the app and turn it into a great platform for e-commerce and online businesses simultaneously being a wonderful and widely used messaging app.

Tapping onto the revamped Call button will let the users decide whether they want to make a voice call or a video call. This is a smart way to merge both Voice and Video call buttons into one to save space and accommodate other important buttons like the new Shopping button.

There is also news making rounds that WhatsApp will introudce options that'll help it charge some service fee for Business accounts. It will add more value to the overall experience for the customers as well as business account holders.

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