These Mobile Publishers Got the Most Downloads Globally in The Last Month

As far as mobile publishers are concerned, it’s tough to find a company that can even come close to surpassing Google’s utter dominance of this particular area along with many others. With more than 282 million downloads in October of 2020 alone, Google has continued its success here, but the second most downloaded platform is Facebook and it managed to get a good 221 million downloads in October as well which indicates that the once nascent but now quite powerful social media platform might just be gaining on Google in terms of influence on the internet and mobile publishing platforms in general.

Another thing to note in the list of most downloaded mobile publishers is that ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, is making gains as well, i.e. according to data shared by Sensortower. It has gotten to the number 5 spot as far as downloads for October are concerned, and this means that China’s rise in the world of tech seems to be going quite well at the moment in spite of the fact that the US government is trying to impose a lot of sanctions that might just make it rather difficult for many Chinese firms to end up doing business in the best way possible.

It is important to note that Tencent made it to the number two spot if you look at just App Store downloads, yet the Chinese game company is nowhere to be seen on Google Play Store rankings. This might indicate a preference among users for different games on different operating systems or it might just be that Tencent has a bit more of a focus on iOS and lets Android fall by the wayside. Either way, mobile publishers have had a pretty good year and the previous month has indicated that this won’t be slowing down any time soon.

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