The account switching option finally comes on the desktop version of Instagram

Good news for social media managers! Instagram has finally added an account switching option on its desktop version.

The news about Instagram’s work on adding the ‘Switch Accounts’ option has been making rounds for a while now. Some time back, there were reports by Alessandro Paluzzi also about this new option that would allow the users to easily transition between their multiple accounts. Finally, this feature has been added to the desktop version of Instagram.

While it is surely a blessing for people who have multiple accounts on Instagram, but surprisingly, some users have noted that when they tried to use the feature to switch accounts, Instagram kept logging them out while doing so. As a result, these people believe that either there is a glitch in the feature, or the feature itself is not good enough!

On the other hand, some users say that they have been using the feature working perfectly fine on the desktop mode in the Safari browser on iPhone.

Some people are happy with this development. On the other hand, some think that Instagram should focus on giving back mistakenly disabled accounts and communications than this because the majority of users have only one account if it is working. Although Instagram does not give out precise or a set guideline as to what activities can actually get an account disabled or deactivated, but it is common sense that hate speech, violent, divisive, or abusive content is most likely the reason that triggers the app to disable someone’s account.

Anyway, whatever users says, this feature of switching accounts for the desktop version of Instagram is here and those with multiple accounts can use it now.

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