Report shows TikTok and YouTube are leading the Global Top Grossing Apps list

Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform has recently published its report about the performance of various apps and their total app revenue for October 2020. As per this report, TikTok is topping the charts of all non-gaming apps with around $115 million in user spending, which is approximately 6.2 times higher than the revenue the app generated in October, last year.

Understandably, almost 86% of the Chinese app’s revenue was generated from Douyin, China. But despite facing bans and lawsuits in the US, still, after China, almost 8% of the revenue was generated from the US. Around 2% was generated from Turkey. The app is already facing bans in Asian countries, and its feud with America is also not a secret. Despite all of this tension, it is surprising that no other app could beat TikTok!

On the second rank for overall revenue and App Store revenue, we have YouTube. It was found to be the second-highest revenue-generating non-gaming app, with almost around $94 million earnings in gross revenue.

This October’s report for YouTube suggests an almost 58% Year Over Year growth for the app. Around 56% of its revenue was generated from the US, while 11% of the revenue was generated from Japan.

Tinder app was found to be the third-highest earning non-gaming app worldwide, followed by Tencent Video app.

In terms of overall revenue worldwide, Disney+ makes it to the fifth highest-earning non-gaming app’s list, while it is on the seventh rank in App Store’s revenue. If we look at the list of Google Play revenue, we will find Disney+ on the third rank.

Surprisingly the famous subscription-based, video streaming service Netflix is on the 9th rank in terms of overall revenue and stands on the 6th rank in the list of App Store revenue. But it is nowhere in the revenue list from Google Play.

Other non-gaming apps that have been added by the Sensor Tower platform on the basis of the highest revenue they generated include Piccoma, iQIYI, Google One, and BIGO LIVE.

One important thing to remember is that these rankings do not include the revenue generated by apps from third-party app stores and it only represents the app revenue and download estimates from App Store and Google Play Store.

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