Step By Step Guide On How To Search Anything on Instagram App Using Keywords

Often times we have faced the challenge of finding a specific recipe or meme on Instagram. While the majority of us end up seeing something else instead, Instagram has now decided to help its users in the matter by introducing a new tool that will now let you search for content based on the specific keywords that you will enter.

In order to know how it is done, follow the guide below. However, before you follow the screenshots, make sure that these were taken on an iOS app so Android users may find slight differences (plus it's important to note that this feature is aviable only through apps, as this option is not rolled out for web users).

Step 1: Tap onto the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen - which is also often used to open the search bar or Explore feed.

Step 2: Move to the Search bar on top of the screen

Step 3: Type the keyword of the thing that you wish to see.

Step 4: There will be a number of suggestions related to the keywords and you can choose the most relevant among them to see the results.

You can also tap even more keywords to explore more options and have the best of Instagram experience because the platform is full of surprises that are yet to be explored and the company works on making it better every time.

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