Instagram updates with more features

A few of our go-to reverse engineering experts and app researchers came across some new features that are being carried out within the Instagram code. The revelations were shared on social media and received mixed responses from the audience.

Let’s take a look at the ‘inside developments’ of Instagram here.

Instagram Camera

Instagram is a photo-filled social media app with lots of options to add filters and effects to your photos. However, it seems that now some of those features will be available directly from the Camera icon. According to the screenshot shared by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, the new options would include:

· Add to Story

· Add to Reels

· Controls

· Start from the Front Camera

· And Camera Options 

Instagram Direct

Another revelation made by Alessandro was the addition of a new filter in direct messaging on Instagram. The filter would be directed to ‘Close Friends’ and would presumably be available for professional accounts on the Facebook-owned platform.

The close friend filter would be available in the inbox along with Read, Unread, and Flagged messages filter that is part of the creator’s account. 

Update to Terms of Use

Lastly, Matt Navarra noted that Instagram is updating its terms of use. He further explained that the terms will now be more clear and identifiable.

Can’t say about the other ‘under-test’ features but the last one was probably the much-needed update for Instagram. And will hopefully allow the users to understand more about how Instagram uses their data and private information.

However, one important aspect which probabbly stays the same is the amount of data that Facebook and Instagram collect from its users. e.g. Facebook's Instagram can collect "information such as the operating system, hardware and software versions, battery level, signal strength, available storage space, browser type, app and file names and types, and plugins". Which irks some privacy savy users. "What on earth has to do with their service how much space and what files you have on your device?", expressed a user in a tweet.

Anyway, as of yet, all these features are being tested by the social media giant. And surely there is no guarantee of their full roll out until Instagram releases an official statement. Till then, stay tuned with us at Digital Information World for more updates on your favorite social media network.

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