You can now suggest and uncover content on Instagram through its new feature; guides

Initially launched the ‘‘Guides’’ feature in May 2020, Instagram is currently working to further enhance its features for the welfare of people. It wishes to provide easy-to-approach and welfare-centered content, recommendations, and tips to its users. Worthy efforts are being done to do good to the hearts of people during this self-isolating period of the pandemic. An innumerable number of content-creators are given access to this feature.

American Foundation for Suicide prevention, known as Mental Health and covid-19 took the first steps to elevate the guides feature of Instagram. Following, Sarah Campbell; an experienced meditation and Yoga master was the second to guide people. She was able to reach millions of audience through her considerate and uplifting suggestions.

Guides can be discovered on a different, new tab on the profile of the user. In fact, it is also effective in the Explore tab. The tips and recommendations can also be shared with your friends directly or on your Instagram story. You can also view the Instagram accounts of influencers to get a better understanding of how the feature works. @headspace_aus, @eenfance, and @klicksafe are some of the prominent names in this initiative taken by them to bring people to ease.

Starting only from well-being content, now also including 3 Ps; Products, Places, and Posts, Instagram has decided to enhance its feature. The decision was taken by Instagram by August 2020. Similar to blog posts: people can now also add photos, videos, and written texts to make their content more awe-inspiring and encouraging.

Adam Mosseri, at the introduction of this new feature on Instagram, is reported to have said that at first it was designed to serve traveling queries of its users. Nonetheless, it is pandemic 2019 which caused them to divert their focal point of attention from traveling to the well-being of people.

Instagram will now focus on its firstly initiated goal; sharing content other than related to covid-19. A Twitter user and gossiper; Alessandro Paluzzi, is famously known to reveal the secrets of the new feature of Instagram. He informed TechCrunch about how was he able to do this: by inverse-engineering the Instagram app. However, these changes aren’t yet available to many of the app users.

Additionally, Instagram has also fortunately upgraded its search feature. Now, people can also search for the keywords of the topic of their interest in the search bar. Previously, users could only search for accounts and hashtags. Instagram with its introduction of the guides app is working to encourage people to make use of it more frequently.

Canada, the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland are all the countries where Instagram claims this feature to be available.

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