The Impact of Bright Wallpapers on Battery Life

Preserving battery life tends to be a really important aspect of how people use their phones. After all, battery anxiety is a very real thing and getting stressed out due to the reason that your battery is starting to die is a pretty common thing for people to end up going through. This basically means that you would be looking for ways to make it so that your battery can end up lasting as long as possible, and one solution that you might have heard about would have something or the other to do with bright wallpaper.

The concept of bright wallpaper reducing your battery life is quite common around the internet, but does this theory actually have any legitimacy to it? Or is it just one of those things that internet users end up believing regardless of whether or not it is actually factual at the end of the day? Well, the short answer is that bright wallpapers can indeed potentially reduce battery life, but this doesn’t mean that this is the only thing that would be impacting this sort of thing. In fact, the long answer to this question incorporates a lot of nuance into the mix that is crucial if you want to understand how battery life can be preserved in the best way possible.

The kind of screen you have can be rather important as well. LCDs are the most common types of screens out there, and they tend to use a lot more battery than newer screens such as OLEDs. An OLED is a lot more battery efficient, and what’s more is that the blacks it produces are a lot clearer as well rather than being extremely white which is how the blacks in LCDs tend to appear.

The fact that blacks are sharper in OLEDs is actually a big reason why these types of screens don’t use up as much battery. Basically, when you see black on an OLED, what you are seeing is the absence of light. Hence, OLEDs use less battery because of the fact that whenever you see black, there is no light that is being used to illuminate that portion. Bright wallpapers can use a lot more battery because of the fact that they require constant illumination, but if you are using LCDs then constant illumination is required regardless.

Hence, using dim or muted wallpapers can only be effective if you have an OLED screen. LCDs are going to use up more battery no matter what kind of battery saving tips you use, so you might as well put up the wallpaper that you truly like rather than having to compromise.

H/T: XDA / Reddit.

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