Spotlight: Snapchat’s new off-platform content-sharing feature is now live

On 21 November, Matt Navara tweeted about Snapchat’s Spotlight feature. He additionally supported his statement by sharing a screenshot; showing how it works. He further added a screen recording telling that this is how Snapchat's feed after this new update will look like, which included short videos.

Since TikTok is facing scrutiny in some countries including the USA, various social media platforms have emerged with the addition of TikTok like features in their apps. The addition of the Reels feature to its app by Instagram is one of the current examples of this. Now, ‘Spotlight’ by Snapchat will also serve to provide TikTok like features to its users.

Using it to share video clips and photos either from memories in the gallery or from Snapchat memories has always been an exciting task for many of its users. This is one of the major reasons why Snapchat; in the third quarter of 2020 had 249 million daily active users all over the globe. Be it the content from Snapchat's Discover collaborators for example CNN or any other original show; it would now be permitted to share it on your story.

In 2018 Snapchat allowed sharing off-platform content, to some extent, which included approved Snapchat stories of official accounts and those which were found in the discover tab. However, in March 2020 Snapchat came with an update that allowed users to share their own stories to other apps which included Triller; which is an app used to make music videos. Sharing your Snapchat content or story to Hily- which is a dating app, was also permissible back then. If you already have these two apps downloaded on your mobile half of the work is done. You just need to click on the ‘Share to’ option to forward it on both other platforms. Now, in this feature; Snapchat allows you to make a split-second video and edit it too. From editing your videos to adding funny filters- along with the availability of variation in their voice, to sharing them with your friends is now a new part of Snapchat’s new update.

Axios predicts that Snapchat will soon permit its users to share original plays, and media stories through links that would be easy to share. Links that will be shared through other social media platforms; e-mails Whatsapp and even iMessage will direct the users back to Snapchat or the web which will enable them to see the shared video.

It is worth mentioning here that before you send your video clip to be posted on Spotlight it would first be reviewed and approved by Snapchat.

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