TikTok has begun showing analytics for live streams

Matt Navarra, a social media analyst, and commentator has recently tweeted about an interesting update. As per him, TikTok has begun showing analytics for Live streams now. When a user goes on their profile’s analytics, they can see various tabs through which they can look into the ‘Overview’ of all their activity on TikTok, their ‘Content,’ their ‘Followers,’ and now, a new tab has been added called ‘Live.’

When the ‘Live’ tab is opened, the user can see their Live videos from the past 7 days to 28 days. A detailed account of their Live videos with exact dates will be shown, along with information including the total number of views on the Live videos, their new followers, the total time spent on those Live videos, and a top viewer count.

So, all of this will let the user know if their Live video session was successful in getting maximum views, or if their content was interesting enough to attract more new followers. Knowledge about all these parameters is very important for content creators on all forums. YouTube also provides in-depth analytics to all its creators, and it is understandable. These analytics give the creators an idea of whether they are succeeding amongst the masses or failing in attracting them. This also helps them to try to improve their content and develop some other strategy to achieve successful results. After all, most of the people who use TikTok and YouTube like platforms as creators do not only do this for the sake of showcasing their talents only, or for fun. These creators earn money through their content, and there are many creators whose sole source of income is based on their content on TikTok and other such forums.

So, it is crucial for them to know about their progress on all content, but for Live content too, because Live streaming is a source of pulling in new followers while keeping the old ones happy too. Besides, Live sessions are usually more interactive and engaging. So, this is a good strategy to know about the dynamics one manages to reach through the analytics on their Live sessions.

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