SnapChat Is Planning To Test a New Feature That Would Allow Users to Share Content Outside Of the App

Previously, users could not share content outside of smartphone apps, for instance, Instagram did not allow users to view content outside of the mobile application. But the company later expanded Instagram to the web and now, Instagram users can browse the app on the app like they would on their smartphones. Now, it seems that Snapchat will soon allow content to be shared outside of its app.

According to a recent report published by Axios, the company will soon test making public content available outside of the Snapchat application. Previously, the company had announced a push to get people to share Snapchat Stories outside of the Snapchat app, and it seems that now the company is taking a step further by letting Snapchatters to quickly share content off of the Snapchat app such as original shows and celebrity Snapchats.

Starting next month, the new test will be rolled out for some users, however, the feature could eventually expand more widely. A company’s spokesman has confirmed the test and he told Axios that Snapchat is always exploring new ways to make it even more convenient to view the engaging and topical content of Snapchat and share it with other people.

With the new update, users will be able to share Shows, Snap Originals, Our Stories, and Publisher Stories with other people outside the platform by using shareable links. However, these shared links will take users back to watch the content in the Snapchat application or to a web, the sources told Axios. If a user has installed the Snapchat application on their smartphone, the shared links will open in the app, or if the Snapchat app is not installed, these links will open in a smartphone web player.

You may also note that all content will still be hosted on the servers of Snap and streamed via the online media player of Snap. The new change could be significant update for the Snapchat application. It seems that this new experiment is part of the company’s efforts to expand the audience of Snapchat. Currently, Snapchat has nearly 238 million daily active users and the company has also been investing in original programming including Snap Originals. During the last quarter, the number of people who watch ‘Shows’ on the Snapchat application increased by over 45% as compared to last year. Making the content easier to share with friends could help Snapchat increase its audience. Although the platform has successfully been growing its audience, the Snapchat app is still much smaller as compared to other competitors such as Instagram and Facebook.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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