Samsung advises Apple to Think BiGGER in its advertisement of the Latest Galaxy Smartphone

Once again, Samsung has mocked Apple on the launch of its latest iPhone 12. It is also important to note here that Samsung has recently brought forward its Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 5G Android phone. Samsung comments on iPhone 12 series by displaying its one of the third foldable latest phones.

Various billboards made by Samsung Dutch Arm have significantly compared iPhone 12 series with the Samsung Z fold that how advanced it is, and Apple is just roaming around the similar old ideas and is not thinking bigger. In terms of the advertisement of Galaxy Z fold, the playful tone is visible. It portrays the proverb Think Different, which is known to be actually of Apple’s. Then, the person passing by cut off the word different from the red spray and replace it, making it a new one that is Think BiGGER, while forcing significantly on the letter I.

Samsung makes fun of Apple for a long time now. Yet, it also follows the iPhone. For instance, Samsung has initially commented on the notch display of iPhones and made fun of it for removing the headphones jack from their new devices. However, after some time, the same comes to Samsung phones too that is Samsung also has removed the headphone jacks from its flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Samsung has added a notch display in its phones also as inspired by iPhones but of smaller size. Yet, the shape of the notch display depends on the design of the phone. That is, it is either V or O.

If you are one of those who follow the tech news or even if not, you should know that Samsung has commented against and made fun of iPhones for being slow to produce 5G phones. It has also mocked on removing headphone jacks or not offering earphones and a separate charger with their boxed pack phones since the first launch. Samsung has also twitted a call stating that people are now looking forward to the 5G phones. So, to say hi to the speed, get your hands on the Galaxy 5G device.

Samsung mocks and together applies the same on their devices, which is ironic. As the chances are, Samsung is also planning to remove the earphone jack and charging adaptor from their phones, which Samsung has previously condemned.

Although, this tradition of Samsung to mock Apple after its launch is not new. So, this advice to Apple to think bigger is also now familiar for the iPhone. Yet, it can be named as a unique style of Samsung to mock again on Apple. 

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