Samsung Deletes YouTube Video Mocking Apple with Release of Note 10

Three years ago Apple made the extremely controversial decision to remove the headphone jack from their latest phones, and this decision was not just controversial among users. A lot of companies started to make fun of Apple for this decision, with Samsung in particular making it a point to mock Apple and the fact that their latest phones do not have headphone jacks or anything in this particular vein, suggesting that Samsung phones are better because of the fact that they do have headphone jacks.

However, the latest Samsung Note is notable for a lot of different reasons, and one of the main reasons for it being notable has to do with the fact that it, much like the last three iterations of Apple’s flagship phones, does not have a headphone jack. Perhaps realizing that this new development is probably going to make Samsung the brunt of a lot of jokes, the Korean tech company deleted all of its ads that mocked Apple for not providing a headphone jack in the phones that it was offering consumers.

This obviously does not mean that Samsung is going to be safe from ridicule. Once you post something on the internet it is going to be there for good (and luckily the folks at BusinessInsider found a video on another Channel, featured below), and people are probably going to start making a lot of jokes about Samsung. It is very possible that this move would end up becoming a meme in its own right, and it is currently unknown at this point whether or not this step is going to result in lower than expected sales for the Note 10 which is one of Samsung’s flagship device and needs to be sold accordingly for the company to become truly successful.

Samsung adopting an Apple design feature might just prove that Apple is still a trail blazer in the world of tech, something that people had started to doubt in the post Steve Jobs era.

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