WhatsApp Simplifies Spam and Junk Cleanup

While WhatsApp has certainly allowed most people that are out there to figure out better ways in which they can keep in touch with one another, at the same time the social media platform has created a few problems here and there. A lot of these problems have to do with the ease of communication the app provides, since it makes it easier for people to spam you with images, gifs and all kinds of other rich media formats. This data builds up in your phone until eventually it turns into something that take up far too much memory on your device all in all.

You would have to go through all of the files in order to see what you want to delete and what you want to keep, and this is usually a pretty time consuming process if you think about it. Hence, WhatsApp’s new storage manager is probably going to be quite well received by those that have become exasperated by the kind of storage shortage that can occur due to all of the spam that you end up receiving from people that you might not even know but have somehow gained access to your WhatsApp number.

File identification is one thing that this storage manager would be able to help you with. This can help you sift through files that are useless as well as those that might hold some kind of value for you. What’s more is that you can finally bulk delete files from within the app, something that can give you more control over what files you might have on your device at any given point in time. Some might say that WhatsApp has delayed this quite a bit and that it took longer for such a feature to be rolled out than it should have but the fact that users can make use of such a feature at all will be enough for most.
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