Millennials may be more into mobile gaming compared to Gen Z, but Gen Z are more enthusiastic to watch an ad rather than pay to play games compared to all others

Amongst different aging systems, the Millennials who belong to the age groups from 1981-1996 have been identified as more into mobile gaming as compared to their successors, the people who belong to the Generation Z (1997- 2012)

According to a recent study by AdColony, an interesting trend has been noticed about the intriguing group of the people who belong to Gen Z. Although these are the people who started using mobile phones from a very early age, yet they are the ones who are lesser into mobile gaming as compared to their predecessors, the Millennials. Only 33% of Gen Z have been identified to be hardcore mobile gamers in front of almost 40% of the Millennials.

On the other hand, it is the people of Gen Z that are notorious mobile spenders of around $100 billion on various mobile apps. But when it comes to mobile gaming, they are surprisingly less enthusiastic in comparison to the Millennials.

When the AdColony researchers looked into how frequently and how often do these people indulge in multitasking, it was found out that 23% of Gen Z respondents said that they always multitask while playing mobile games. On the other hand, 15% of the General Population respondents claimed to be involved in multitasking while playing mobile games.

34% of Gen Z often engages in multitasking while playing mobile games in opposition to 28% of the general population.

Almost 16% of new games are downloaded by the general population with almost 10 games on their phones. 10% of Millennials and 9% from other groups of people responded to download new games.

Amongst the types of games, it has been noticed that Adventure, Arcade, Action, Words, and Puzzle games are the most played games amongst all the age groups of people.

On average, the time spent on mobile gaming ranges from 11 minutes to half an hour, and 47% of Gen Z spend this much time on mobile games.

Amongst all age groups, 67% of people play mobile games for entertainment only, while 52% of people play mobile games to kill time and to get rid of their boredom. 47% of people play games on their mobiles to relax and become stress-free.

When they are given a choice to either pay to play games or watch an ad to continue playing games, almost all the age groups have unanimously shown their inclination to watch an ad rather than paying to play games. Amongst these people, Gen Z top the list who would love to endure ads than paying to play mobile games.

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