Famous children's poem Baby Shark has become the most viewed YouTube video of all time

The children's poem Baby Shark has reached the highest number of viewers on YouTube. According to the data, the video of this poem has recorded nearly 7.05 billion views. With this, it has also broken the record made by the Rap song Despacito of the Pop Singer Luis Fonsi in 2017.

Soon after this poem got uploaded on YouTube, it has become the most loved poem of the children, the most viewed and the most listened to poem of 2019. Every other person has the lyrics of this poem, like Baby shark doo doo doo doo on their tongues. Apart from this, Pinkfong reports earning nearly $5 million from YouTube.

Baby Shark is the creation of an American-Korean singer Hope Segoine and the production of Pinkfong. This poem has also surpassed the 2019 Billboard top 100. Moreover, the producers of Baby Shark have brought forward another version of the Baby Shark poem to spread awareness of hygiene among children during the COVID-19 outbreak. This poem aims to teach the children to wash their hands properly and maintain health to win the battle against this pandemic.

It is important to note here that the origin of the Baby Shark poem marks a year back. However, Pinkfong's version has acquired a significant success above all the previous creations of the rhyme.

In respect to the animated Baby Shark video poem, it includes young children moving like a shark and talking to their peers, provoking them to sing and move together with them. Unexpectedly, not only toddlers, even youngsters, are admiring this poem. The excessive repetition of the words Baby Shark doo doo doo doo is what holds the attention of everyone. This same line has maybe pushed it to reach the highest rank in the viewership of YouTube.

In one of the interviews with BBC in 2018, the directing manager of Pinkfong has claimed that regarding the Baby Shark poem, the other nursery rhymes of children are mostly of slow tunes and less music, that is, the ones that can be a perfect sleep partner for your child. Baby shark video poem is quite the opposite to the usual rhymes in terms of the catchy tune and provoking and easy shark moves. 

This Baby Shark version has incredible graphics that go perfect for children of all ages, making them move with each lyric. The beats, tunes, and collaborative dance moves of this poem have the credit for making this video a trending one.

As mentioned above, Pinkfong production has uploaded another version of the Baby Shark poem, making it another classical child poem of all time.

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