Facebook and TikTok top the list of the most untrustworthy apps according to a recent survey

The digital online world faces numerous challenges on a daily basis, and usually tech giant companies are able to combat many of the problems that arise. However, users’ data privacy concern is an issue that has not been completely addressed yet, and many users still have their apprehensions regarding the privacy issue of their data and information. Their major problem with these tech companies is that these people believe that these apps track their users’ interests through different means, and then subject them to see ads that match their interests.

Recently, WhistleOut conducted a survey and found out that around 85% of the respondents have a firm belief that one of the major tech companies is spying on them. Unsurprisingly, the most untrustworthy apps are Facebook and TikTok.

More than 67% of the respondents of this survey believe that Facebook spies on them, and 53% of these people blamed TikTok for doing the same. Both Facebook and TikTok have different scandals related to privacy issues on their sleeves, so, this is understandable that people do not trust these apps much and harbor concerns over their usage.

Facebook-owned Instagram is also amongst the apps that are not trusted much by 43% of the respondents. While 45% of the respondents find Google quite suspicious, and 38% think that Amazon is spying on them.

Apple has recently boasted some anti-ad tracking features, so, it has gained some respect and trust in the eyes of the consumers. Hardly 30% of the respondents find it suspicious. LinkedIn is amongst the least suspicious apps as per this survey.

Apart from customer tracking, 80% of the respondents believe that these tech companies listen to their users’ conversations. Surprisingly enough, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, i.e. the companies that actually have embedded voice assistants were still found to be more trustworthy in this regard, as compared to Facebook and TikTok!

Almost 50% of the respondents think that Facebook listens to their conversations, while 40% believe that TikTok is listening to them.

39% of the respondents think that Google is doing the same, and honestly, that probably makes more sense, and 30-32% of them find Apple and Instagram untrustworthy in this regard. Twitter and YouTube are much lower in this list with 28 and 26% of people thinking of them as guilty of this act, respectively.

57% of the total respondents are unsure of how these companies exactly use the data and information of their consumers. But when they were asked as to how they plan to deal with these apps on their own, 40% of the respondents said that they are planning to or have already deleted TikTok. While 18% of the people showed their intent to delete the Facebook app because of various security concerns.

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