Netmarketshare’s latest report suggests a significant rise in the market share of Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 with a slight dip for Chrome’s market shares

Netmarketshare, a famous platform that provides market share statistics about various internet technologies has recently released its October 2020 update, and sadly, this report also marks the end of Netmarketshare’s current form of reporting. It seems that the platform has some problems with bots and technologies that help it to obtain accurate data. It is not known if Netmarketshare is retiring permanently or if it will return with some upgradations.

Anyway, their last report that marks the market share statistics for operating systems and browsers in the month of October 2020 has some interesting insights.

First off, in terms of various operating systems: It seems that Windows 10’s market shares have gone up from 61.26% to 64.4% in October.

Linux also saw a little rise in its market shares which were 1.14% in September but have gone up to 1.65% in October 2020.

On the other hand, Windows 7’s market share saw quite a decline from 22.77% to 20.41%.

macOS X 10.15 is also in the same boat as it’s market share also saw a dip from 5.11% to 4.88%.

This means that in terms of Operating systems, Windows 10 seems to have done the best in October 2020. This is quite reflective of Microsoft’s strategies to endorse Windows 10 along with the latest Microsoft Edge browser too seem to be working in the favor of the company.

In terms of the market share of browsers, Microsoft Edge has a definite ‘edge’ over all the other browsers at the moment. By September 2020, the market share of Microsoft Edge was 8.84%, and in October 2020, it has gone up to 10.22%.

Microsoft is working hard to urge the users to switch to the new Edge browser with the latest Windows 10 20H2. And all these efforts are working in the favor of the company, as mentioned before.

Amongst the ones that saw a rise include Firefox. Its market share has gone up from 7.19% to 7.22%.

On the other hand, Google’s Chrome saw a small dip and its market share went down from 69.94% to 69.25%. Although this decline is not so drastic, any dip must be taken seriously by the company.

So, that is all for now from Hopefully, the platform will return soon with their exciting updates about the market share statistics of the technologies that we use so frequently.

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