Fact-checking comes to dead web pages in the Internet Archive now

They have always said that whatever goes on the internet and gets uploaded on the web never really dies. And it is true! The Internet Archive service or platform has millions of web pages carefully archived in the Wayback Machine pages, and they can be accessed by following some simple steps. These are all the articles, publications, even research papers that the main web ‘killed off’ for any reason, whether they were a part of a disinformation campaign, or whether they violated some kind of guidelines or rules. Anyway, these ‘dead’ pages are not really dead, as well know. They are a perfect hub of material for plagiarizers too. Content from these pages is not detected by plagiarism checker software as these pages are not a part of the ‘living’ web databases.

As we all know, plagiarism and copyright infringement are serious offenses that must be avoided at all costs. Now, there is a develpoemnet that the Internet Archive has started adding fact-check banners along with the ‘dead’ web pages in the Wayback Machine.

So, if you go to the Internet Archives, you will now see a yellow banner with articles, pages, or publications that were archived and removed from the main internet because of being a source of disinformation, propaganda, or were pulled out due to some kind of policy violation.

Organizations and fact-checking outlets like FactCheck.org, Politifact, AP, and the Washington Post will contribute towards checking out the facts stated or mentioned in these archived pages.

This is not only a means to ensure that no misinformation spreads through these pages, but it is also going to help in the preservation of accurate historical facts.

These fact-check banners will also let the users know what they are reading is a part of history and may not be relevant in terms of the modern era. They must realize that all of this archived content in the Wayback Machine should not be seen or construed as some kind of ‘endorsed’ content.

Another important prospect of this new system is that political facts will also get corrected. Many internet companies are accused of tampering with political information and facts, but now, this all will not be possible because even the ‘dead’ pages on the internet are going to be fact-checked and scrutinized thoroughly.

So, it is definitely a good move and good news for people who are always looking for internet reliability. But it is bad news for plagiarizers and fact-manipulators for sure! 

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