Live captions on a variety of media will soon be available on all channels in Google Chrome

Chrome has been working on making its user interface more accessible and easier for millions of its users all over the globe. It has been updating various features in the ‘Global Media Control’ (GMC) as an attempt to make the Chrome browser more useful for its users. Recently, Chrome has been reported to work on adding another interesting feature to its GMC, and that is support for Live Caption to a vast variety of media files.

This feature will use an Artificial Intelligence engine on any device which will transcribe spoken words from a video file into text format. This is more or less going to be the same as we see closed captions in YouTube videos, only here, all the transcription will be happening live.

This feature will help people with hearing issues or certain other disabilities which make them hard of understanding the context of spoken language in a video. Such people will find it easier now with the help of these Live Captions. They will not miss anything in the video just because of any form of their disability. So, this is a very nice step towards making the Chrome browser more accessible by all types of people all over the world.

This feature is available on selected Android devices, however, it can be activated on the desktop by enabling the following flags:


As a subsequent update, the users will be able to get activated Live Captions when they will enable this new Global Media Control with the following flag:


So, any kind of media files that previously did not support the option of captions will now have this support through Chrome. This is an amazing update, and it will benefit a lot of people out there, as mentioned above.

It is not known yet, neither Google Chrome has made an official announcement about the release of this feature, but it appears, this feature will be available on all channels in Chrome pretty soon.

Google Chrome has been working on ‘Scrollable tabstrip’ also for a while now. It is also an attempt to let people open many tabs at one time without ever cluttering their tabstrip by making it easily scrollable. This feature has been receiving updates and new improvements in the Canary channel too.

So, these are some of the efforts from Chrome to make the user experience better than ever before. All these measures and efforts are commendable, and Chrome must continue providing ease to millions of its users like this.

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