You Can Now Access Google Chrome’s Media Controls in the Floating Mode

Google has been developing revamped media controls for its Chrome browser, and these controls were introduced to the Stable version earlier this year. With the Global Media Controls, you can manage multimedia directly from the toolbar instead of having to navigate from the current tab to the tab which is playing the media. It appears that Google is improving these controls.

As Edge is based on the Chromium engine, almost all the updates that come to Chrome, are also sooner or later introduced in the new Microsoft browser. We have seen in the past that several updates were introduced to the Microsoft browser such as support for a photo in the picture playback mode or unified multimedia playback controls. Later, these updates and improvements also reached Edge. Tools that gain enhanced usability if you enable floating media controls.

Options to activate or deactivate the PiP (picture-in-picture) also known as multi-windows mode are also available in the floating media controls. You can now access these updates via the Canary version of Chrome. The tech giant, Google has added this tool in Chrome 86 version. Now, when you will enable the feature, you will be able to drag the media control window from the toolbar to any point on the screen of your device. The PiP mode offers a similar functioning.

The function is disabled by default, and users need to enable it manually. If you want to enable this feature, type ‘chrome://flags’ in the search bar and paste this in the search bar ‘Enable overlay control for Global Media Controls’, or you can also enable the same feature by directly typing/pasting ‘chrome://flags/#global-media-controls-overlay-controls’ in the search bar of the browser. Now, you only need to set the Default box to ‘Enabled’. Now, restart Chrome browser and you can use the feature, while surfing any website that hosts media files.

After enabling the function, if you play multimedia content on sites like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, you will be able to access the multimedia playback controls in the toolbar, as well as you will be able to take these multimedia playback controls to any point on the screen of your device. These playback controls also allow you to activate or deactivate the PiP mode with a new shortcut. It is expected that the feature will be introduced to the Stable version of Google Chrome.

WOW! Google Chrome Users Can Now Use "Global Media Controls" As PiP Overlay

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