Google Drive plans to add Content Encryption support for offline documents

Google is soon introducing a feature that will allow Drive users to download and open encrypted files. This feature was discovered by XDA in strings of code found in Google Drive for Android version 2.20.441.06.40.

One of the strings of code indicated the ability to open encrypted files directly from the Drive, while another mentioned it to be an upcoming feature. Other strings of code also showed being able to download and decrypt files.

Beyond that, there was not much information regarding the topic and whether the encryption files are dependent on the web too or Google apps only.

Cloud Storage by Google is a great way to back up data and access them from any device. As of yet, Google doesn’t offer an encryption feature in the system, although there are integrations that support the same.

However, encrypting within the cloud storage system is a great way to secure the files, whether is any data breach or not. And seeing it as the main feature on Google Drive is a nice way to enhance the use of the app.

Update: Alessandro Paluzzi shared some screenshots along with details regarding this feature. According to him, Google will soon allow to encrypt files saved on Android devices, particularly documents marked to be available offline. Paluzzi, further calimed that enabling Content Encryption will erase all copies that have been already downloaded.

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