Google Chrome will have a new feature of taking a screenshot by scrolling for Android anytime soon

According to ChromeStory, Google is planning to upgrade the screenshot feature on Chrome browser by bringing forward the full view screenshot of the webpage (from top to bottom). Yes, it’s true. Google flag has recently included this feature to experiment with it on Chrome for Android. Once rolled over as a default, you can be able to take a single screenshot of the whole web page by scrolling only.

Up till now, all the Android devices have a similar and easy rule of taking the screenshot that is press together two buttons at the same time, one is the volume down and the other of power.

This practice is although the traditional one and a little bit complicated too. As one has to take the screenshot separately based on how long the text on the webpage is. Sometimes it becomes hectic also. This plan of Google to enable the feature of taking long screenshots by scrolling can ease the life to some extent.

This feature is yet not available to the users, not even for experimentation. Yet Google has described its new update. It claims that this feature will enable the users to take a screenshot of the whole webpage rather than just of the current view, can even edit and share the screenshot with others.

However, this feature will only be available with Chrome browser. That is, you will only be able to take the scrolling screenshots of the Chrome webpages and not as a default feature for Android devices.

As updated by Android, they are working on editing the option of the screenshot. Yet, this feature will only be available on Chrome for now once it gets live. It is important here to note that several OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) have already added this feature of scrolling screenshot on their UX design or skins manufactured for Android devices.

Although OEMs have given this feature various names, the idea is similar to what Google is planning to add to its Chrome for Android.

Google is planning to enable this feature on Google Canary channel also after testing it on Chrome. So, with this easy-to-use scrolling feature, the users can avail the treat of conveniently capturing what they want from Google Chrome by only scrolling. Yet, to take the screenshot of other pages, you have to use the same traditional method of taking a screenshot, and can still only capture the current view if taking a screenshot from other applications.

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