How to Boost your Reach on Snapchat during Fall/Autumn?

With the fall season in full effect, Snapchat has unveiled a new report that covers the topics garnering the most attention as the transition from fall to winter progresses. This data can help brands and influencers in crafting their content as per the trending topics to boost their reach.

According to Snapchat, fall is the favorite season of 1 out of every 5 Snapchatters across the globe. In the US and Japan, the percentages of Snapchatters whose favorite season is fall are 43% and 32% respectively. The reason behind fall being a fan-favorite season is that it tends to bring friends closer.

Interestingly, the report also revealed that 42% of the Snapchatters in the US and 38% in Norway are participating in decoration activities for fall. Moreover, in Norway (62%) and the US (54%), Snapchatters are enjoying fall foods and drinks. Also, 39% of UK Snapchatters and 44% of their US counterparts are enjoying outdoor fall activities.

Additionally, in Japan, 61% of the Snapchatters are updating their wardrobes. In Germany, the percentage of the same is 56%.

Among the top fall chatter on Snapchat are words/phrases such as “Halloween Costume”, “Pumpkin Carving”, “Weather”, “Hot Chocolate”, “Cold AF”, etc.

You are encouraged to go through Snapchat’s complete report on its offical blog.

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