Google Experiments With Wider Guaranteed Badge Rollout on Maps

Google has been trying to improve consumer confidence in the ads that they see, and cash in on this trust as well by offering businesses the chance to participate in their local ads program which would result in them being able to get a Google Guaranteed badge on their Google Maps listing. This can make the businesses seem like they are a lot more trustworthy than other enterprises, thereby resulting in a greater number of users being willing to take advantage of these businesses in the first place.

Google is now experimenting with a wider rollout for the guaranteed badge, one that might make it so that businesses would be more likely to participate in this sort of thing. It costs about $50 a month to become part of this program, and with the potential benefits it can provide it certainly does seem to be the sort of thing that would be worth it for various businesses that are out there. There is also a Google Screened badge that is for professional services, whereas the Google Guaranteed badge is meant for home services and the like.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that Google has not committed to making this feature permanent. Rather, they are testing out the waters and will work on an expansion when the time comes for this sort of thing to end up being done. Google needs to have confidence in the fact that there is a demand for such a feature, and it seems like they are taking a cautious approach rather than getting overconfident. Businesses are likely to adopt this new service, though, especially when you consider how saturated the various marketplaces of the world have started to become and how eager businesses are for any way to set themselves apart.
H/T: Localu.

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