Google test Task Mate, a new crowdsourced rewards app in India

Google crowdsourced apps are quite famous, and one such app that in the past few months hit the mark of 50 million downloads on Google Play Store is the Google Opinion Rewards app. It asks the users to answer simple questions and take part in surveys related to various apps, and then it gives the users rewards in the form of Play Store credits. Now, Google is developing another app called Task Mate, which is currently being tested in India, as spotted by @ppatra. This app is also a crowdsourced rewards app, and it asks the users to take part in different ‘Sitting’ or ‘Field’ tasks. The key difference between Google Opinion Rewards and Task Mate is that on Task Mate, the users will receive monetary rewards for each task.

For instance, the app may ask the user to transcribe around ten sentences for $0.50. The task of recording ten spoken sentences may help the user earn up to $0.20. Basically, the earning per task depends on the complexity of that task. Also, the tasks will be given according to the user’s skillset and performance. If the user has previously performed a task with 100% accuracy and did not violate any policies, the app will start assigning them with tasks that will be more suitable for them.

So, it’s basically that the app focuses more on the level of accuracy as compared to speed and time of completion of a task.

Also, these amounts may look quite meager, but the user can cash them out once the figure becomes more satisfying.

New tasks will be assigned when the performance is up to the mark and all the previous tasks have been reviewed.

Some tasks may require the user to go out of their house with their Android phones and take pictures of a nearby store or restaurant. Google and the app will have the access to users’ location history, as this may also add to some of the rewards.

Currently, Task Mate is in the development process but early access for it is available on the Google Play Store (for some users,, if you are lucky enough you'd be able to find it here). However, it can only be accessed if a user receives an invitation or a referral code. It is not known when the app will eventually roll out and how long is it going to take for Google to launch it in other countries also. Anyway, it is a good chance to earn a few bucks by doing simple tasks.

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