Have You Noticed Any Changes in The Google Hangouts Group Video Calls Feature?

Google has been fortunate in launching new apps and bringing variations in its existing updates and apps, however; Hangouts (just like Google Plus) has been a total failure for it. It was just used as an app to receive and make video calls. Many of its users criticized Google for not having an instant chatting feature in this existing app. Not taking more of fault-finding by users in its app Hangout; Google has recently announced it's replacing with Meet and Chat. Group video calls were out-of-date with the updated web app and Android which caused Google to introduce Meet and Greet.

After you update Hangout to its latest version; you will observe some changes while using it. The updated feature now includes a banner that informs you; to place a video call - you have to make it through Google Meet. However, the video chatting facility is not completely dead, rather what the update is: you can now chat uninterruptedly - with any of your friends. Interestingly, it also allows you to share your screen, gives live captions, and much more.

Furthermore, to emphasize less on a video call and more on chatting; Google disabled the ability of mobiles to ring when a person tries to video call their friends. However, to improve your video chatting experience; Google is lately allowing you to avail the opportunity of “raising your hand” - to let the moderator know that you want to speak about something important. Just like sharing a video call link of Zoom and Pinterest on Whatsapp for those who haven’t downloaded the app- Google Hangouts is also offering the “Joining Google Meet video call through links” feature.

Chatting while being on a video call seemed impossible on Hangout just before Google introduced this “sending texts while simultaneously being on a video meeting” update in Google Meet. To do so; you just simply need to tap on the “Chat’’ option which is on the top-right corner when you are on a video call. You will then be allowed to type a message at the bottom and send it. However, it is worth mentioning here that messages will disappear once the call ends, and for avoiding this you are advised to join a video call on the web browser.

Comparatively, a maximum of 25 people was allowed before; in a Hangout video call which was totally free. Lately, Google Meet just allows you to have a maximum of 10 participants in the video call. Paid Workspace is introduced by Google Meet in case you want to have a more than 10 participants video meeting. Nonetheless, let me tell you another free way of initiating a video call with more than 10 participants; use Google’s other app; Google Duo. Hurry up- before you lose this chance too because Google is now considering also replacing it with Google Meet.

You can still use the older version of Hangout, but before the mid of 2021 because the Company is deciding to shut this service completely.
H/T: Google.

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