Get Ready Social Media Managers and Admins! Facebook is expanding its new and improved Page experiences

Matt Navarra, the famous social media analyst, and commentator has recently shared an interesting development from the world of Facebook. Apparently, the company has finally started giving some attention to one of the ‘oft-neglected’ areas on the platform, i.e. Pages. Hardly anything changes for Pages on Facebook, but Matt Navarra has shared this latest insight that Facebook is rolling out the new Page experiences to more Page admins now.

Navarra has also tweeted several screenshots that summarize everything in Facebook’s own words. Some things are not changing. If you are a Page admin, then be assured that your content and Page information, your posts, etc. will remain unchanged. In fact, you will get to see a preview of your new Page look before you allow it to get published.

Secondly, you can still create ads and manage campaigns, and your existing ad campaigns will also remain unaffected by any changes you make to your Page.

Lastly, if there are multiple admins for a Page, all of them will receive an invitation to join the Page when changes will be made to it. All the admins will share the ownership of the Page just like before.

Now, let’s look into the things that will change with the new Page experience.

First of all, in the place of the Like button and the information that told you about how many people like your Page, you will now see your total number of Followers and a Follow button. This is important because Followers are the people who represent the audience that receives your updates in their news feed. So, the Page admins must keep an eye on the people who are following the Page and its content.

Since all the admins will be sharing the ownership of the Page, it means that now, when one admin makes some change or adds something like a check-in location, other managers of the Page may also get to see it. Other roles cannot switch into the Page on Facebook, but they will still be able to manage the same things through other tools on Facebook.

An important thing to remember is that all your new content will show on the updated Page only. If you switch back to the old Page, you will not be able to see the content you posted through the new Facebook Page experience.

Some of the features in this new Page experience are not available as yet for the Page admins.

All in all, this new updated Page experience seems to be an effort to make the management of Pages easier for the admins and to help them build better and newer connections over the platform.

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