Google can look into your past searches and recommend relevant results

Google Search is making improvements, mainly focused on linguistic ability, to provide conversational skills. In the previous month, Google has revealed a series of changes that enhance the technology of search engines.

Google can now use your past search data and recommend you searches relevant to your history. This became possible with language understanding capabilities introduced this year.

With the launch of this update, Google offers easy-to-understand experience for people who wish to explore their search area, such as a movie to enjoy with family. A California based company known as “Mountain View” will ultimately exploit these ongoing changes to gain consumer attention in its search engine and make a stable position against competition.

Before this feature launched, Google searches were hidden at a particular location. As pointed out in a weblog, Google has not already transferred the meaning from one query to another. So as an example, if you were searching for turkey recipes that went on to the "craving" issue, you wouldn't get any results from your first search. Instead, Google will simply "use the most common keyword related to that search" to produce a typical result that isn't personalized or relevant to what you searched for.

Whereas, language understanding capabilities make Google much advanced that after finding the results for your first search it will most likely suggest something that you want to search after that and can therefore show you a useful recommendation on the top of your web page searched. It is according to your recent activity and generally available below the title "Suggested based on your recent activity."

Overall, this is something that allows you to follow up on the existing search without restarting the topic from start. However, this feature attracts more audience traffic than the one using Google's digital assistant.

Google will also recognize what you wanted to see when you are searching for a specific topic by using language understanding capabilities.

Google Search Product Manager Bobby Weber told in a blog post, “Assume you are looking for a movie to watch with your family and you searched for movies suitable for the whole family to enjoy like The Polar Express and A Christmas Story. Google will now recognize your desired search and displays a list of related movies that will help you navigate the perfect selection more easily."

A collection of relevant searches will be displayed at the top of the web page to help you choose a title similar to your last search.

Apart from suggestions related to previous queries, Google is also enhancing its search engine by looking at more relevant questions" in the "People also ask" list.

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