Guess which new feature is currently being considered adding to Windows 10

In the world of technology: almost every company is trying its best to launch unique and easy-to-use updates to their apps every other day. Windows Central claimed; earlier this week that Microsoft is working to add Android apps to Windows 10. This feature called “Project Latte”; is expected to be effective in the next year; 2021.

Zac Bowden, who is a famous Window Central reporter is known to have said that app results would be assisted by Microsoft Store. However, through the rumors; it is not clear that the new feature would be effective either on version x86 of the operating system or: ARM version would be used.

Ideally, this update would allow the users to download any of their favorite Andriod apps from Microsoft Store. However, it is reported to have said that users would have to wait for how Microsoft deals with the apps which would malfunction. To let you know; before Google officially announced its feature that allows you to run Android apps on Microsoft; emulators including BlueWave and BlueStacks were commonly used as a substitute.

Back in 2017; Microsoft shifted to Android phones for the first time when its Windows 10 mobile was nothing more than a failure. Additionally, for its apps for Andriod: the company is already offering a mobile version of them. Fortunately, Windows users can run various apps simultaneously; on their smartphone's desktop. Here comes the bad news: for the time being, this offer is only valid for Samsung users.

To minimize the gap between the experience of using a PC and a mobile phone; Apple has also worked enough to add iOS and apps used on iPad for their Mac OS.

Chromebook by Google can function three Softwares including Andriod, Linux, and ChromeOS, at the same time, which Windows isn’t yet able to do. However, the nearly launching update of Windows to allow easy success to Andriod apps is predicted to be a major cause for its shutting down.

Could there be anything more important to you than the security of your PC? I assume your answer to be no. Cheer up!. The updated elements in the latest version of Windows will help you enhance your PC’s safety too. You will be able to explore more creative ideas to customize your PC better than before. Along with PC becoming easy to use in the upcoming update, synchronization to your Andriod phones would also be permitted by Microsoft.

By searching “Microsoft Launcher” in the Google play store you can install it and add a Microsoft-like experience to your mobile phone too. The “Microsoft Launcher” permits you to do work starting from synchronizing office files, and calendar to getting renewed wallpapers daily.

Though unlike Chromebook and Apple, Windows is late to introduce this update, nonetheless, this would hopefully cater to provide unbelievable services to its users.

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