Google Will Soon Bring Up Much Anticipated Additions To Its Maps App

There is no doubt in the fact that almost all of us cannot spend the day without using Google Maps - especially when we are going for unknown routes. However, at the same time, the majority of us also wish if the driving instructions from the app were more familiar.

Well, it seems like that Google has fortunately heard the desires of its users as according to recent reports from XDA, the navigation giant is working on its most anticipated feature which will let you change the language of the driving instructions as per your comfort and region.

The latest addition will arrive with Google Maps 10.53.1 update and for now, it will remain exclusive for Android users. A more comprehensive analysis of the existing code also shows that Google is trying to make the process of changing the language as easy as possible within the app. So, once the update is installed, Google Maps will suggest a new language based on the language of your system only to make the experience as smooth as you would love.

There are also more Driving Mode improvements to come with the update as one can also expect the Google Assistant Driving Mode to replace Android Auto for phones - which has also been anticipated since fanfare 2018.

But with that being said, there are chances that the interface may just also be heavily inspired by Android Auto, all because of its ability to let users run a series of selected apps, such as Spotify and Google Maps, along with making them attend phone calls or reply to messages, right through the screen. We can also expect a navigation bar to be present right at the bottom to quickly switch apps and a microphone to activate Google Assistant.

All of that is coming in the driving mode is going through the final development stages, and the public beta will arrive sooner than your estimates.

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