Google is Working on an AI to Turn Webpages Into Short Videos

Google is working pretty hard to ensure that any business that uses its platform would be able to increase the amount of traffic that said business can direct to its various pages and sites. Part of this involves research that is being conducted to develop some kind of an AI that would convert web pages into short videos.

The way this works is that pieces of text, images and other rich formats would be compiled into a series of shots that often have dynamic angles associated with them, and when these shots are arrayed in a certain way they might just end up making the webpage that they come from seem more attractive to the average user that might just have been making some kind of a random Google search using certain keywords that they had in mind.

Many businesses and advertisers rely on visuals to give users and potential customers some idea of what their products are all about. While bigger corporations are going to have no problems making videos themselves, for certain smaller businesses the costs of creating videos is too great for them to bear which means that this AI could prove to be a real game changer for them in terms of drawing traffic to their pages that they could convert into sales or at the very least some kind of word of mouth advertising which could also prove to be beneficial.

It’s not just money that would be saved thanks to this AI, which Google is referring to as URL2Video. Making videos takes a lot of time as well which can delay the starting date at which any business would be able to start operations. Being able to use this AI to create some kind of a top notch video can help businesses get started sooner, something that can increase their output and make it more likely that a business would want to start investing in the market in the first place. It’s a good sign that Google is focusing on helping businesses save money in this manner, although people in the video making industry certainly won’t be happy about this.

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