Mark Zuckerberg’s 4 steps to follow your dreams and be successful

Naomi Gliet is Facebook’s vice president of product and social impact. She has been working at Facebook for almost 15 years now and has met Mark Zuckerberg quite a few times but she finds one instance truly memorable.

It was during the year 2013 when Mark and Naomi volunteered to teach an entrepreneurship course. Here, Zuckerberg gave her four steps on how one can be successful in life.

The four steps were:
  1. You must love yourself.
  2. Only then you can satisfy others
  3. Things you can control should be your top priority
  4. Never give up on those things
There are two main takeaways from this advice. One is to accept yourself to the fullest before serving others. And the second is to stop focusing on the things that are beyond our control. Instead, remain persistent towards the things you can control.

Naomi admits that this was one of the best pieces of advice she has ever received. She followed these steps and this is why she has progressed so much in her career. She has a very challenging job, as she is working at one of the most significant companies in the world. Therefore, her job is to bring out the best version of herself and her work.

She started her journey with Facebook in 2005 as an administrative assistant. Besides her professional responsibilities, Naomi promotes people to donate, stand up for what’s right, and vote for what you think is best, through Facebook.

Photo: Francois Mori / AP

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