The new Digital 2020 Global Statshot Report highlights world's most frequently visited websites

Did you know that, on average, around 2 million users daily join social media networks and add to the already established over 4 billion population of these social media platforms.

This means that people nowadays spend almost 15% of their time when they are awake on these social platforms.

However, the latest Digital 2020 October Global Statshot Report which was published in partnership with Hootsuite and We Are Social has highlighted that only social media platforms do not enjoy this attention. Other websites also have a lot of visitors on a daily basis.

Based on this report, SEMRUSH, a marketing platform has provided data that highlights the world’s most visited websites. They have divided categories into ‘Total Visits,’ ‘Unique Visits,’ ‘Time per visit,’ and ‘Pages per visit.’ All these values have been calculated based on the traffic between September and October 2020.

‘Unique Visits’ basically represent the number of distinctive identities visiting a site but may not represent unique individuals because some people use different software or devices.

So, the top-ranking website with 105.0 B Total visits, 6.8 B Unique visits, and most time per visit spent has been found to be Google, which is not surprising since it is one of the most widely used search engine and browser.

YouTube, which is also owned by Google comes second, with 36.4 B total visits and 3.5 B unique visits. On average, people spend around 35 minutes and 16 seconds on YouTube per visit.

The most controversial social platform Facebook comes third in this rank, with 25.3 B total visits and 3 B unique visits. On average, people spend around 22 minutes per visit on Facebook despite having huge trust issues with the app!

Wikipedia is in the fourth rank, with 17.5 B total visits and 3.8 B unique visits. This is also not so surprising.

On the fifth rank comes It has 5.2 B total visits and 1.1 B unique visits with people spending around 12 minutes on average on each visit to the site.

Surprisingly, Instagram has dropped down to the sixth rank while previously it used to be amongst the top three. is on the seventh rank, while Reddit (the front page of the internet) ranked on ninth position.

Another surprise is that Twitter is not amongst the top 10 websites. It is on the eleventh rank this time.

So, a glance at these top, most visited websites suggest that it is not just social media that people are looking for, but adult content and other websites also provide a lot of attraction for the majority of online users.

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