Ephemeral messages come on WhatsApp Desktop version for Windows 10 now

WhatsApp Desktop version for Windows 10 has recently been updated to the app version 2.2045.19.0., and this update has come with some improved features, bug fixtures, and the feature of self-disappearing messages.

Self-disappearing messages or Ephemeral messages is a new feature that WhatsApp has introduced to its various versions for Android, iOS, and now WhatsApp Web Desktop. This feature lets the users choose to let WhatsApp delete their messages after a period of 7 days.

As per Changelog, first spotted by WBI, there are some important things to understand how Ephemeral messages or self-disappearing messages feature works.

First of all, users can send ephemeral or temporary messages to any of their contacts. As mentioned above, these messages will remain in the chat for 7 days, but after that, they will self-delete. Now, in individual chats, both the participants can enable and disable this feature as per their wish. But in group chats, only the group administrators can enable or disable the feature.

Secondly, suppose someone sends you a message on WhatsApp that you do not open for 7 days. After that, the message would self-disappear, but its preview will still be available in the notifications until you open that chat.

An important thing to remember is that when you quote a reply to an ephemeral message, it will remain visible in the form of quoted text in the chat window even after 7 days. Similarly, when an ephemeral message is forwarded to a chat room /group/window where the self-disappearing messages feature has been turned off, the ephemeral message will remain visible in the forwarded chat.

If you receive an ephemeral message, and before it gets disappeared after 7 days, you back the chat up, then that message will remain visible and it will also be included in your backup. Once you restore your backup, only then your ephemeral messages will self-delete.

When you receive a media file, it usually auto-downloads itself in your phone’s gallery unless you have turned off the auto-download of media files option. Now, if you have enabled the feature of self-disappearing messages, your media files that have been auto-downloaded will be temporarily available in the chat windows and will self-disappear after 7 days. But they will remain in your phone’s storage, so all will not be lost.

So, this was all about the feature of ephemeral messages or self-disappearing messages. Apart from this, WhatsApp’s latest Desktop version has also come with several bug fixes and a lot of improvement on the performance front.

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