Snap Inc. acquired a bot-based for call centers, and it has driven people to awe

According to the reports, the parent company of Snapchat, namely, Snap Inc., is planning to get its hands on AI-based voice assistants to help and support the customers with their queries. This system is known as, which will offer you AI voice agents anytime you reach the customer service section. The recent reports have highlighted that will assist the customers having minor inconveniences or issues and will also help them in resolving it. However, for tackling the major problems, it will seamlessly hand over the query to the available human agent.

The researchers have proved that at least 7 out of 10 customers like to speak to the agents for their problems. Yet, aims to offer you an AI agent that won’t make you feel that it is unnatural or inhuman. It will guide you better and will come forward to help you in no time. As per the TechCrunch reports, it costs only $70 million. However, none of the spokespeople of Snap has contacted or given any information related to it.

Considering the prevalent conditions due to the pandemic, various companies are looking forward to handling everything online and reducing human interaction to fight with this outbreak. The companies and organizations that have converted to online have noticed a significant uplift in their market and activities. Therefore, several companies are preferring the virtual system. Even Facebook has already upgraded its application to support businesses, institutions, and other organizations while offering virtual assistance.

Maybe for the same reason, Snapchat is planning to take the assistance of to satisfy its millions of customers in seconds, even while managing everything online. It is important to note here that is one of the essential tools for the technology market as it is not easy to answer the bounds of questions instantly, which in turn makes the customers angry. intends to help here by offering a pocket-friendly solution. It is a start-up towards which almost every company is looking forward to for help during this health crisis.

This attempt of Snap can proffer it with the opportunity of adding other business services to Snapchat and build a better way of interacting with its customers. Snapchat can also use the services of for purposes like a voiceover for the AR filters or cameo filters. Yet it is not confirmed yet as Snap has not mentioned anything about its plan.

AI is advancing significantly to transform the future, and it is a better option to avail of any services. The inclination of Snap towards has also provided an instance that maybe Snapchat will get the voice too soon, and this attempt of Snap to acquire for call centers can end up proving itself an incredible system to rely on for everyone.

Photo: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket / Getty Images

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