Do you have too many opened tabs in the Chrome browser and can’t find the one you need on spot? Here's a solution!

If your daily work is affected by less attention when you forget to open the last tab where you were on and much of your time is wasted in finding the required tab; you must be in the air when you read the next sentence. Cheer up! Google is lately working on Chrome’s new update: v87- for the people who have common problems as you. The updated version will make less power and RAM consumption comparatively. This would eventually allow Chrome to work 25 percent more speedily, with an increased speed of 7 percent for loading pages.

Furthermore, Google has also put into consideration: the battery life of your device by prioritizing the speed of your currently opened tab and reducing the speed of CPU by up to 5 times. This would thus extend your battery time to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Now coming to the main topic. Right after the last tab opened on Google Chrome; there would now be a “plus’’ option; and exactly after it, you might observe an arrow pointing downwards. By clicking that icon; a new vertical tab: toolbox and called “Omnibox” would open; making it easy for you to specifically search for the one you were looking for. Regardless of whatever window it is in, you just have to search for the keywords of the tab you want to open.

This new update is getting rolled out on Chrome Canary and then all other versions. However, Windows users can apply it on any stable Chrome version with a tweak, to have an idea of how this update will work before it is officially enabled.

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