Google is extending its Chrome support for Microsoft Windows 7 until 15th January 2022

Microsoft Windows 7 was launched almost ten years ago, and it served as one of the most widely used and loved operating systems over all this period. Although the subsequent installments like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 are also good, there are still many users who have not had the heart to migrate from Windows 7. Organizations and enterprises have been found to have a special kind of reluctance in carrying out this migratory process.

Microsoft ended some main support for its Windows 7 to prompt and urge the users to move onto Windows 10. On 14th January 2020, Microsoft ended all the main support for Windows 7, and now only it provides some security update to enterprise customers. Now, Google had decided to stop providing Chrome for Windows 7 too from next year, but recently, Google has changed its mind and has announced that it will be extending the Chrome support for Windows 7 until 2022.

The reason for this extension is to give more time to the IT leaders and tech developers to make their minds and convince themselves to make the necessary migration and upgrade their Windows from 7 to the latest, 10. As per a statement in its latest blog post, Google said that it was already a plan and a must-do-thing on the list of many organizations to migrate from Windows 7 to 10 this year. But a lot of other things happened in 2020 that diverted their attention and still, almost 21% of organizations are in the process of this migration. Now, if Google also stopped providing them its Chrome support, it would have been quite overwhelming for them. So, Google has decided to extend its deadline to provide these organizations an ample time to go through the process of migration from Windows 7 to 10, while remaining assured that at least Google’s support and Chrome security and productivity benefits will keep coming to them until they complete their migration.

Now, there is another important thing to notice. Although Google has announced that its Chrome support will continue for Windows 7 until 2022, other browsers and applications which are based on Chromium may drop their support for Windows 7 sooner than 2022. Even Microsoft is planning to end its new Edge browser’s support for Windows 7 from 15th July 2021. So, Google also may be forced to change its decision eventually.

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