Beware of WhatsApp scam it may leak your personal chat or may block your account

WhatsApp being the most popular messaging service with over 2 billion users has once again become the target of hackers, who can have access to your chats, videos, and contacts.

These hackers can use your personal information for their benefits, or they may blackmail you. If you don’t know about this scam or you don’t take precautions. You may fall prey to their attack.

These criminals using an old technique that works well for them. They may send you a message from your friend’s number or through other contacts already saved on your phone. But, be careful these messages may be sent by the person who is already been taken in by the scam as cybercriminals use contact lists so that more people become their prey. They know you will most probably respond to the person already saved in your phone as your friend or family member

This usually happens when people upgraded their phones and they want to get chats back-up saved to the cloud. WhatsApp will ask for verification through 6 digits codes which WhatsApp sends it your phone number. This 6-digit pin is the need of these hackers to gain access to your private chats.

To verify your WhatsApp account, Facebook-owned firm will randomly send this 6-digit code to your phone number registered with the account. This verification code will not go to the hackers directly. The hackers will try to deceive you by sending a text to you. They will make an excuse that this code is wrongly sent to your number kindly send it back to them. Now when you believe them and send the code back to them. You become the victim of these hackers.

For WhatsApp, it’s a genuine attempt to login into your account and gain complete access to your private chats on hackers’ smartphones. These hackers are so experienced in their field, they will continue to send texts to your WhatsApp groups that you have joined.

This technique was used by cybercriminals earlier but now it has gained popularity again. It’s an alarming situation for everybody. Jeremy Vine is the presenter of Radio 2, got the same message of sending the 6-digit code back to the person involved in this scam. So, he tweeted a warning message to all the listeners so that they can be careful when they receive the same message.

It seems like Asian users are the main target of this scam but stills it’s an alert for all of us. When you receive a text of sending back an OTP code which is mistakenly sent to your number, Beware.

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Featured Photo: StephenRyan96
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