YouTube’s New Share Menu Criticized for Removing Useful Options

Google recently changed the share menu for Google Photos, and social media platform Twitter decided to follow suit in order to make it so that people that are browsing the platform might just have an easier time sharing as much content as possible with a wider range of people that are out there. Google seems to be making more of these changes, at least that’s what people are starting to think now that YouTube has also been seen with a new share menu that has apparently been tested already even though the state of it does not seem to indicate that this sort of thing is actually true all in all.

The fact of the matter is that this new share menu that is being tested out is actually quite annoying. Most of the useful options that people relied on in the current share sheet that you can already see on your YouTube app are gone. You are currently able to share YouTube videos directly to a wide variety of apps, but with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that the new share sheet seems to have dispensed with all of these and pretty much only has a copy link option for people to end up taking advantage of.

It’s possible that this is the result of some sort of bug, but at the end of the day these kinds of tests usually don’t go quite this badly. The new share sheet has been widely derided because of the fact that people are saying that it has made that app a lot worse rather than somehow making it better. YouTube is often known for making changes that nobody wanted that don’t do much to improve app performance, so many are considered that this highly defective share sheet might just be rolled out soon so YouTube will want to think about how it can assuage these concerns.

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