Creator Insider reveals upcoming updates for Creators in the YouTube Analytics, a new comment reminders, published video card, and a lot more

Creator Insider, an informal YouTube channel that shares all the developments and upcoming features for Creators on YouTube, has recently posted a new video in continuation with their ‘News Flash’ series.

So, the first update in this video is that YouTube is looking to experiment with two new metrics for ‘New’ and ‘Returning’ viewers within YouTube Analytics.

If you are a Creator, you must know that ‘New viewers’ is about the people who have not visited your channel before and watched your content. A new viewer maybe somebody who has watched from a private browser or deleted their watch history or a viewer who just has not watched your channel in over a year. This metric is going to help creators to better inform their content strategy in the future.

On the other hand, ‘Returning viewers’ is about someone who has watched your channel before.

In the YouTube Analytics, if the top line of the graph is returning viewers, that is an indication that your content is resonating with your audience. However, if your top line within that graph is new viewers, this is an indication that people are coming to your channel, but your content may not be exciting enough to bring them back as ‘returning viewers.’ To make viewers return to your channel, you need to make recurring interesting topics and update regularly.

The next update is about another experiment YouTube is going to begin related to reminders and comments to help encourage more respectful interactions on YouTube.

So, a reminder will pop up before you post a potentially offensive comment that will allow you to take a moment to pause and reflect on what you are about to post. It will also give you a chance to re-edit it before you post it.

An important point to note is that even if your post does not trigger that reminder, it can still be taken down if it's found to violate community guidelines. This experiment will be engaging randomly selected creators.

Another update is that YouTube is working to make the creators capable of blocking ads from appearing on their channel.

This is specific to a couple of categories and will let the creators block some ads rather than blocking them all.

Creators can achieve this by going into their AdSense account, where they will see a tab called ‘blocking controls.’ Tapping on this, the option to block URLs for sensitive categories or general categories will appear.

The creator must use the top-level URL, as the top-level domain will block those subdomains from serving ads against their content. This may cause a dip in their revenue though.

The next update is about a new card that creators will be able to see in the studio dashboard, which is called as the ‘published video card.’

This video card will show the creators their last four published videos, shortcut links to comments, to analytics, and to the main site.

The last update is about the app store and its launch in several new countries. This means that the YouTube app will be available localized in several different countries including Bosnia Herzegovina,

Georgia, Iraq, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco, and Serbia. Previously users could access YouTube by using another region in the app store but that is no longer necessary. This update is a part of globalizing and expanding the YouTube Creator community.

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